The end is near…

The end is near. If all goes as planned the regular 2022 legislative session will reach its scheduled conclusion later today.

In 1866, as Surrogate of New York County, Gideon John Tucker famously wrote: “No man’s life, liberty or property is safe while the Legislature is in session.” Well, soon you will be able to breathe a sigh of relief.

This session was a paradox in many ways. On one hand, we had small-business owners, parents, students, and commuters facing the anxiety-inducing confluence of a pandemic, executive overreach, worker shortages, supply-chain problems, inflation and the Russian invasion of freedom-loving Ukraine. On the other hand, we saw consumers desperate to get back to normal, which led to increased spending, and the continued pouring of revenue into state coffers, along with a massive influx of federal dollars.

Our state saw in real time that past policy decisions had consequences. Anti-police bills passed by the majority last session have led to increased criminal activity, as members of law enforcement had de-escalation tools removed from their toolboxes. Those policies reduced law enforcement’s ability to protect the public from crime.

Many opportunities were missed by the majority, starting with its failure to give families any meaningful tax relief in spite of a $15 billion budget surplus Our Democratic colleagues also wrongfully continued to cede the legislative branch’s authority to the executive branch (meaning the governor) when it comes to a state of emergency.  He has refused to relinquish the emergency powers he has wielded for more than 725 days of this never-ending state of emergency.

You can read about many of these issues in the legislative wrap up below.

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