Crime and inflation both on the rise

It’s been about a month since we wrapped up the 2022 legislative session, and a good point to step back and look at the impact this session had on you and your family.

Soon, you should expect to see our full 4th District Session Review newsletter in your mail. It will detail the ups and downs of the session, which was unfortunately one of the most partisan sessions during my time in Olympia.

Nowhere was this more evident than in the areas of public safety and affordability. Washington is experiencing a wave of murders, car thefts, and shootings – due in part to the anti-law enforcement agenda adopted by the majority in the 2021 session. Despite many calls to correct these errors, the majority party blocked key efforts aimed at fixing the policing and public-safety laws.

In addition, Washingtonians are facing the highest inflation in four decades, yet, once again, the majority has failed to act, refusing nearly every attempt to provide tax and inflation relief to the public – even though there was a $15 billion surplus!

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