No time to wait: Washington’s economy must reopen

Last week several important measures received hearings in Senate committees, and a few bills have already been approved by the full Senate and sent over to the House of Representatives.

Unfortunately, Senate Bill 5114 – our measure to safely and quickly reopen all of Washington – was not among those bills. This was not for lack of trying. In addition to negotiating with the majority caucus in the Senate, Republicans also tried to force the bill to the floor for a vote by using procedural maneuvers in both the State Government Committee and on the Senate floor. Unfortunately, only two Democrats voted with Republicans, allowing the majority party to “kill” both efforts.

This will not deter us, and I ask that you don’t let it deter you either. We will continue to push for good policies that will help all Washingtonians. And even if they try to silence you, speaking up frequently and in large numbers means that they can’t simply ignore you. Together, an impact will be made.

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