In the News: ‘Freedom Caucus’ formed by Republican Senators

By Eliana Sheriff, KIMA TV

A new freedom movement is shaping up in Olympia.

On Thursday, four republican senators announced the formation of a ‘Freedom Caucus.’

Their focus is on liberty. Their priorities are to advocate for lower taxes, responsible state spending, individual liberties and a government that “gets out of the people’s way.”

The four founding members, Senator Doug Ericksen of Ferndale, Senator Phil Fortunato of Auburn, Senator Mike Padden of the Spokane Valley, and senator Jim McCune of Graham.

…Padden said, “During these unprecedented times, it is more important than ever that we stand up for the people of this state. They want their right to petition their government, speak their mind, protect their families and communities, and make a living to be defended. They want their rights to initiative and referendum kept intact. They need relief from crushing taxes, and stifling duplicative regulations. More than anything else, they want their elected officials to hear them and reflect their will.”

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