Wrapping up the 2018 Session

We have just two more days to wrap up our work for this year’s regular session. Friday was the final “cut-off” to approve bills that originated in the House of Representatives. Final votes are still ahead on the budget and bills that are necessary to implement the budget, which are exempt from cut-off dates.

There is still much work left to be done as budget leaders from both the Senate and the House will have to come together to reconcile the varying proposals to produce one supplemental budget that can be agreed upon by both chambers and gain the governor’s approval.

Unfortunately, it appears that the majority caucus leaders in both the House and the Senate have decided to pass a purely partisan budget, and are choosing not to work with those of us on the other side of the aisle. That will not keep me from advocating for the people of our district.

Already, we’ve seen the majority drop its demand for a new energy tax. You can read more about that below. Hopefully, we will see more good news before the session ends on Thursday.

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