Will the Governor ask for new taxes again?

Christmas is right around the corner, and I hope you and your loved ones will have the best of holidays, with plenty of love and gratitude, good food and time with friends and family. Please take a moment this December to remember those who are less fortunate.

Several organizations depend on the generosity of others to help provide meals and presents to needy families and give hope to those who have lost hope. If you are able, and so inclined, please consider contacting your local church or established charity and consider giving.

Unfortunately, as we prepare for the legislative session that will start next month, some folks in Olympia are also in the giving spirit. They want to give you bigger energy bills, fewer jobs and higher taxes.

This week, the governor began laying out his policy agendas for 2019…

We also had some melancholy news this month with the passing of both President George H.W. Bush and our district’s own former-Rep. Lynn Schindler.

You can read about these and other issues in this edition of Report from Olympia.