Vaccine passports, income tax and unconstitutional vetoes draw fire

The pushback from the legislative session that concluded on April 25 continues to pour in for Governor Inslee. Taxpayers, Republicans, tribal leaders and even traditional allies like legislative Democrat leaders have called the governor out for overstepping his legal authority. You can read more about that below.

It has been nearly than 460 days since Washingtonians began living under the governor’s state of emergency. While he has finally acknowledged that it is time to reopen Washington, and has promised to do so by June 30, he made it clear in his pronouncement that he would not be ending the state of emergency, which has given him extraordinary control over the lives of individual Washingtonians.

There is also disturbing news about the executive branch’s new requirement that businesses enforce a vaccine passport for their employees.

I will continue to raise my voice in opposition to these abuses of the constitutional balance of power between the three branches of government.

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