State official’s comparison of state legislators to Taliban is ‘hateful,’ Padden says

Sen. Mike Padden, R-Spokane Valley, responded this afternoon to remarks made by the state insurance commissioner, in which he declared Republican state legislators in Texas “have become America’s own version of the Taliban” after a new law effectively banning abortions after a fetal heartbeat can be detected went into effect today. The law was signed by the Texas governor in May but Commissioner Mike Kreidler didn’t make his allegation until today, after efforts to stay the law failed.

“The new Texas law is intended to save and protect innocent human life. The Taliban are known for ending innocent human lives and other atrocities, but Commissioner Kreidler is blatantly disregarding that with his hateful and absurd comparison, which he apparently made in hopes of appearing relevant and scoring cheap partisan points. It’s telling that he singled out Republicans when the legislation received bipartisan support.

“The commissioner’s inflammatory rhetoric is unbecoming of a public servant and the opposite of the thoughtful civil discourse the people of Washington deserve. It’s out of line, and he should apologize. ”