State honors Spokane company with “Hire-A-Vet” Award

Today State Senator Mike Padden, R-Spokane Valley, joined Employment Security Commissioner Paul Trause, ESD Spokane Area Director John Dickson and John Lee, director of the Washington Department of Veteran Affairs, in recognizing Haskins Steel general manager Craig Dias, who was awarded the “Hire-A-Vet Award” for the company’s stellar record of hiring military veterans and guardsmen.

Padden, a staunch advocate of the nation’s military men and women and the organizations that support them when they return home, applauded ESD’s work in highlighting the job needs of returning veterans, and called on more employers to follow Haskins Steel’s lead.

“Our state is honored to host several major military bases and significant installations from all branches of the military, including Spokane County’s own Fairchild Air Force Base. With our military actively engaged in two wars that have lasted for more than a decade, we now have a number of veterans coming home to Washington looking for work,” Padden said. “It is important that we recognize the sacrifices they have made, the skills they have learned, and the needs they now face as they re-enter civilian life.

“The Hire-A-Vet program is one small way we can applaud our returning heroes and thank those employers looking out for our veterans.”

Employers who are interested in hiring veterans and veterans who are looking for work should visit their local WorkSource center or call 800-562-2308 for information.