Senate adopts Padden resolution honoring Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories

The Senate Friday adopted a resolution introduced by Sen. Mike Padden, R-Spokane Valley, honoring Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, SEL President Edmund O. Schweitzer and his wife, Beatriz, for their dedication to the community and philanthropy.

“Edmund and Beatriz have consistently demonstrated both the resilience of America’s ingenuity and the strength of its compassion, and we are immensely grateful for the work they have done in our community,” Padden said.

Beyond creating systems that help numerous companies keep cyber-safe, Schweitzer Engineering has been a leader in raising workplace standards. SEL was an early adopter of on-site, no-copay employee health clinics, and maintains its own child care center, the Little Edisons School. The school provides an invaluable resource to the community and has recently celebrated its third birthday.

In 2016 Fortune magazine named it one of the best 100 workplaces in America for both millennials and baby boomers.

The resolution also describes the Schweitzers’ long personal history of community dedication. The couple has aided in relief efforts across the country, most recently for those affected by Hurricane Harvey. They have backed infrastructure improvements at the Pullman-Moscow Regional Airport and have supported the building of Trinity Catholic School, the first school built in nearly 50 years by the Diocese of Spokane.

Padden noted that in addition to providing community support, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories is regarded as one of the top employers both in Washington and nationally. SEL recently earned the 2017 Employer of the Year award from the Association of Washington Business, and in 2016 the firm received the United States Energy Association award for Project of the Year.

“The Schweitzers represent something we should all strive for: community commitment, generosity, and a dedication to good old hard work,” Padden said.

Senate Resolution 8705 also highlights the amount of jobs and revenue Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories has brought to Pullman and soon to the Spokane Valley. SEL has recently expanded its Pullman facility, creating an additional 850 jobs. Its new facility in Spokane Valley will employ 75 people, with SEL employment in Spokane growing by 26 percent each year since 2012. SEL is also an international leader in engineering and technology systems, employing more than 5,200 people worldwide.