Property Tax Deadline Extended

Treasurer Baumgartner announced last month that he would exercise his authority during a state of emergency found in RCW 84.56.020(10) to grant an extension of the first half property tax deadline. The first half 2020 property tax payment deadline in Spokane County will be extended from April 30th to June 15th.

Important information to know:

  • This does not mean your property tax bill goes away. First half payments regularly due April 30th will be accepted until June 15th.
  • The extension is not offered for prior year delinquent taxes or intermediaries, including mortgage loan servicing companies.
  • Payments received after June 15th will incur interest and penalty as applicable by state statute.
  • The second half payment deadline remains October 31st

Those financially able to make their property tax payment by April 30th are strongly urged to do so.

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