Padden to continue as lead Republican on Senate Law and Justice Committee

Sen. Mike Padden will serve another two years as the ranking Republican on the Senate Law and Justice Committee. Senate committee assignments were released today, five weeks before lawmakers convene at the Capitol for their next session.

“Having served on the Law and Justice Committee since becoming a senator in 2011, I’m pleased to continue on it,” said Padden, R-Spokane Valley, who predicted the panel will be one of the more influential Senate committees during the 2023 legislative session.

“Many important public-safety bills, including some that fellow Republicans and I are sponsoring, will come before the Law and Justice Committee next session. Our goal should be to advance bills that will help make people and communities safer in our state,” added Padden, who was a Spokane County District Court judge from March 1995 until January 2007.

Padden, who serves the 4th Legislative District, also will continue serving on the Senate Transportation Committee and Senate Health and Long Term Care Committee. Padden was appointed to the former in 2019 and the latter in 2021.

“Many highway projects need to be completed in our state. Continuing to be a voice on the Transportation Committee is important to projects in the 4th District and eastern Washington,” said Padden. “Health care is another issue that affects people statewide, especially in terms of cost and access, so that panel also has crucial work to do.”

The 2023 legislative session is scheduled to start Jan. 9 and end April 23.