Message to Olympia: Stop ignoring the people!

Monday was the start of the 2020 legislative session. With only 60 days during this short session to complete our work, lawmakers wasted no time getting down to business.

Some legislators have returned to Olympia, determined to thwart the will of the people. They are content to leave the fate of November’s voter-approved Initiative 976 to the judicial branch and ignore the public’s demand for $30 car tabs, while also punishing communities where I-976 prevailed by cutting vital transportation projects. On Monday we also learned seven Democrats in the Senate and another eight in the House had rushed to file papers with the state Supreme Court calling for the justices to effectively throw out the legal precedent against a state income tax.

Some of us returned to Olympia with a different approach – one that comes from listening to the people. We hear you when you say loud and clear at the polls that you want $30 tabs and for government agencies to work for you and to be held accountable.

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