First voting deadline of session this Friday

The 2020 Legislature is in the middle of its fourth week, meaning there are five and a half weeks to go in the 60-day session. This Friday we will reach the deadline for bills to pass policy (non-fiscal) committees if they are to move forward. Next Tuesday, Feb. 11, is the final day for Senate fiscal committees (Ways and Means; Transportation) to vote on bills that have an impact on the state budget.

Next week we’ll receive the first quarterly state revenue forecast of the year. Once those numbers come in we will see the majority party in the Legislature begin the process of advancing its budgets in the Senate and the House. These will be “supplemental” budgets that make adjustments to the two-year spending plans adopted in 2019.

I want you to know, as details about the majority budgets emerge, that there’s already more than enough tax revenue in Olympia to meet the priorities of our state. Previous revenue forecasts gave the state $1 billion in additional funds since we left Olympia in April 2019! Even so, there are already some lawmakers proposing new taxes on employers, new carbon taxes, and even a “low-carbon fuel standard” that would essentially raise the cost of motor fuel by up to 57 cents per gallon, with no road projects to show for it.

I will continue to oppose these and other proposed tax hikes, and demand that government live within its means just like you and your family must. I will also work to advance policies important to you and our district. (Click here to listen to an update I gave KXLY.)

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