What we face in the 2018 Session

The 2018 session is underway, and although we have only been in Olympia for a few days, I have much to share with you. Already lawmakers have started work on issues that affect both our state and our district, from addressing the ability of rural property owners to develop and enjoy their property to issues affecting your Second Amendment rights.

As I mentioned in my previous e-mail to you, this session marks the first time in five years that Democrats have had unilateral power in Olympia – with single-vote majorities in both the House and Senate and control of the Governor’s Mansion. This week Governor Inslee rolled out his agenda in one of the most predictable State of the State addresses I have ever heard. He called for more taxes – including a new tax on energy. He called for more restrictions on Second Amendment rights. He said he would push for a statewide abortion-insurance mandate. Governor Inslee rattled off support for automatic voter registration, abolishing the death penalty, and taxpayer funded abortion for illegal immigrants.

We will have our hands full protecting you, your wallet and your rights this session, but you can be sure I will continue to stand up for the values and principles you sent me to Olympia to represent.

I am looking forward to working with lawmakers on both sides of the aisle this year and taking action on issues that will benefit people all over Washington, especially right here in the 4th District.

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