Accused rapist puts new sanctuary state law under the microscope

Last week, Brandi Kruse, a reporter for Seattle’s Fox Q13, tweeted:

“If you’re an elected leader in our state who fought for sanctuary policies, be willing to step up and answer the hard questions when those policies hurt people. Not shirk away as if one woman’s pain and suffering is just an unfortunate side effect…”

She then pointed her followers to a Q13 story about  Francisco Carranza-Ramirez, a man believed to be an illegal immigrant, who is accused of raping a disabled woman twice within a few days, including once in front of her child, and the second time while the woman was actually on the phone to 911.

Between the two incidents, Carranza-Ramirez was arrested and charged with third-degree rape, but the judge in the case opted to let him return to Mexico as he requested at sentencing. As the article points out, a state sanctuary law could be a prime reason for the second rape the victim experienced…

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