Sen. Padden to remember Rep. Roger Freeman for his courage

Sen. Mike Padden said he will remember state Rep. Roger Freeman for the courage he showed in being an outspoken defender of life and battling the cancer that claimed the first-term Democratic lawmaker’s life earlier today. Freeman, of Federal Way, was 48.

“He was an outstanding person with such a positive attitude,” said Padden, R-Spokane Valley. “It was amazing to see the respect he received from members of the Senate after just two years as a member of the House.”

Padden, chairman of the Senate Law and Justice Committee, said he worked with Freeman, an attorney who had been a public defender, on a range of issues, including law and justice. However, the strongest bond between the two came from their support of pro-life issues.

“I think he showed tremendous courage through his commitment to the vulnerable in society, including the unborn. He also was a magnificent public speaker, and the speech he gave at the March for Life in Olympia during this year’s legislative session was one of the most moving speeches I have heard,” Padden said.

“He was a wonderful family man, and my thoughts and prayers are with his wife Sonya and their two children. I will miss him a lot.”