Dollars continue to roll in to state treasury

During the early weeks of the 2018 session, I had an opportunity to meet an impressive young man named TJ Mohammed.

I really enjoyed learning about TJ’s personal journey. He spent most of his youth as a refugee in Kenya, after his family was forced to flee the bloody conflict in his native Darfur region of Sudan. In 2010, his family immigrated to America, making their home here in Spokane.

Last Tuesday, I was extremely honored and proud to be present as TJ took another big step in his journey – gaining his American citizenship.

We also continue to get great economic news. The economy is booming and unemployment numbers are dropping (reaching historical lows among many groups), both in Washington, and around the country. It’s no coincidence that state budget writers continue to see revenue projections increase with every new quarterly forecast. Federal tax cuts, increased energy exploration and a reduction in bureaucratic red tape have given consumers and investors reasons to feel hopeful and get off the sidelines.

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