$1.1 billion more in revenue should be enough!

We recently got more good budget news; the economic forecast that came out this week pointed to the state expecting more revenue thanks to our recovering economy.This proves once again that there is no need for new taxes. In fact, there are some of us who believe that it is time to give some tax relief to small businesses struggling to grow and create new jobs. You can read more on that issue in this newsletter.

Also in this Report from Olympia: Last month I had the pleasure of being back in district to speak with several students at Liberty Lake Elementary. The school’s mission is to equip future citizens with academics, character and a sense of community, and its goal is to create a strong academic foundation on which continued application and learning take place. During my visit, I spoke with students in five 5th grade classes, who were preparing to take their annual civics exams. We discussed the constitution, state government and the principles of good citizenship.

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